12 Celebs Who Follow the Paleo Det

12 Celebs Who Follow the Paleo Det

This video hghlights 12 celebrites who all follow the Paleo or Caveman Diet.

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Slide 2 The Paleo Diet, focuses on only eating foods that cavemen did- meats, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Processed foods (pasta, cereals) are out!

Slide 3 Unprocessed foods (non grain) are good.Processed foods (containing lots of grains) are bad.Think of athletic hunter gatherers vs your modern day couch potato.

Slide 4 So You Are Thinking of Following the Paleo Diet? Well you are in very good company…

Slide 5 The following celebrities are all following the Paleo Diet. What did I say about good company?

Slide 6 Miley Cyrus who has tweeted raving about her gluten free diet and its positive effects. Miley also told the media that her diets are related to her health, not her figure!

Slide 7 Jessica Biel says that she does a lot of cooking at home using lean meats and that she really dislikes the word diet.

Slide 8 Matthew McConaughey is very strict about cutting out grains and refined sugars but he relaxes a little at times so that he can eat with his kids.

Slide 9. As a sufferer of MS, diet is important to Jack. He uses the paleo diet as a means of keeping inflammation in his body to a minimum.

Slide 10 Megan started to follow the diet after having a baby in 2012. She looks great on it, doesn’t she?

Slide 11 Eva la Rue started following a paleo diet because her husband was on it. At first she followed it very strictly and was amazed at the results. She said that she has found it difficult to keep following whilst on the sets to the different movies and tv shows that she is in.

Slide 12 Grant Hill has created the Paleo diet with his resurgence in his basketball career even though he is 40 years old!

Slide 13 Hunter Pence created a video about his decision to follow the Paleo diet. He eats mostly vegetables and it has become a bit of a joke with his team mates about the amount of kale he eats!

Slide 14 Uma Thurman believes this diet has helped her to lose lots of weight.

Slide 15 Chaz Bono credits this diet with helping him to lose 85 pounds! He apparently restricts himself to eating meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Slide 16 Kellan Lutz followed the Paleo Diet to add more muscle to his frame for the Hercules movie.

Slide 17 Victoria Secret’s Adriana Lima hired a Paleo guru to help her start on the right tracks. She also has a strict exercise regime, which cannot hurt either!

The following celebrities are all following the Paleo Diet. Will they inspire you to try out this power diet?

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