48 Hour Snake Diet weight loss results! (KETO FLU EDITION!)

48 Hour Snake Diet weight loss results! (KETO FLU EDITION!)

Watch this video to see my 48 hour Snake Diet weight loss results, complete with keto flu

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This wasn’t my first 48 hour snake juice fast, but it was definitely the hardest. Here’s why:

Two hours of Muay Thai per day
Four separate 3.2km runs (2 miles) – up and down hill!
Thailand is hot

I feel like there were more reasons but maybe I’m just being a big baby. This keto flu is no joke though! Cole says that one of the best things about fasting is that it kicks your body into ketosis super fast. Well I can’t wait to get there because these past two days have been… what’s the opposite of fun?

That said, you can’t compare the efficiency of Snake Diet weight loss to any other type of eating or diet plan. What’s more efficient than not eating? Intermittent fasting? Please.

I mean, IF is great if you eat like a pig and have no self control. It’s a great way to get your appetite under control. But if you actually want to drop the pounds, then you need to fast for extended periods of time.

Anyway, I’m about to go to the supermarket and refeed on raw food until I explode. If you need me, I’ll be busy eating RAW beef by the pound, drinking raw eggs by the gallon (ok maybe not), and questioning my life choices as I deny myself those delicious mangos and fruit shakes that I love so much.

Also, I’ve spoken with Cole Robinson (THE Snake Diet guy) and he’s agreed to coach me! SO EXCITING.

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