BEST Intermittent Fasting Protocol If You Are OVER 40

BEST Intermittent Fasting Protocol If You Are OVER 40

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But if you’re over 40 years old, you need to be aware that the keto, paleo, and the plant-based diet can cause nutritional deficiencies that lead to a rapid hormonal decline. Now if you go to my website, I’m going to explain all the scientific research behind this, and I’m also going to share three simple steps that you can use to overcome these nutritional deficiencies and this hormone and decline. So you can still get all the amazing benefits if you want to try any of these three diets. And I highly recommend using in conjunction with intermittent fasting.

So what is fasting and how does it work? Well fasting works by ramping up your sympathetic nervous system– and I apologize about the background noise here, I’m by a busy road– and that is your fight or flight response. So when you’re in a fasted state, your body’s fight or flight response kicks up really high. It’s almost like you’re mimicking the same effect as if you saw a bear in the woods. If I saw a bear in the woods, you’re going to freak out, you’re going to take off running as fast as you can, that’s going to kick up your fight or flight response.

The second hormone is adrenaline. So when the fight or flight response kicks up, your adrenal glands release adrenaline. Well, while you’re in the fasted state, adrenaline converts into hormones called catecholamines. These catecholamines are responsible for releasing fat cells into your bloodstream, where they’re delivered to working muscles and/or liver tissue to be burned off as a fuel source.

The third hormone is ghrelin. And ghrelin levels are stabilized and lowered when you’re in a fasted state. And ghrelin is responsible for hunger and cravings.

Now, most people think that if you’re in a fasted state, that your hunger and your cravings are going to go up and your metabolic rate is going to slow down. And science now shows the exact opposite happens. When you’re in a fasted state, metabolic rate increases and you regulate ghrelin to eliminate your hunger and your cravings.

And the last hormone is insulin. Insulin is very low when you’re in a faster state, because you’re not eating. You’re just having water, black coffee, or just green tea. No sweeteners, no creamers, or anything like that, because otherwise, you could ruin the hormonal effect of this.

But remember, anytime you eat food, especially carbohydrates, you spike insulin levels or you raise insulin. And in the presence of high insulin levels, it’s impossible for your body to metabolize fat cells as a fuel source. You can see the synergistic effect of all four of these hormones is profound.

Now what’s very, very important is how you end your fast– so the first meal that you eat after fasting– it’s very important how you combine that meal. And I share more about that over at my website. Also, when you’re getting ready to start your fast at night– so you have your last meal of the day later in the evening– it’s really, really important– there’s one specific macronutrient you need to have in that meal that will increase your results of the fasting window. And I share more about that over at my website.

Let’s talk about the different methods of fasting so that you can pick one that best matches your lifestyle. The first one is a 24 hour fast on one or two times per week only, no more. Now I’m not a fan of the 24 hour fast because it’s longer, and yes, after about 16 to 18 hours, you’re probably going to get some hunger and cravings, especially if you’re not used to doing it.

Now after a couple of weeks of doing it, it’ll go away, but I’m not really a fan of this method. However, if you go on a bender, and you have a cheat day, or you just accidentally fall off track and you binge for a day, using a 24 hour fast afterwards is an amazing strategy because your hormones have been primed to metabolize more fat cells.

You see, when you have these high carb cheat meals, you raise insulin– or, yeah, you do raise insulin, but you also raise leptin and thyroid hormones. So it primes your body to quickly metabolize more fat cells the next day when you fast. Now this isn’t an excuse to binge, but it is a great strategy to use.

So if I have an off day, where I fall off track, and I go on a bender, and I binge too much, then I usually will do a 24 hour fast. And this usually happens about once every one or two months. Now, if you want to, and you really like 24 hour fasts, because it has profound effects on your growth hormone and other hormones, use it just one or two times per week.

Method 2 is the past 18 to 20 hours two or three times per week. This is my favorite method. I do have a lot of muscle mass so I don’t like fasting more than four or five days per week. So 18 to 20 hours, two to three times per week.

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