best paleo cookbook

best paleo cookbook

best paleo cookbook: Breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan for popular weight loss diet
WEIGHT loss is a case of eating the right diet, and the Paleo diet meal plan has found popularity in recent years as one way of slimming down. What can followers of the diet eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Paleo diet devotees aim to eat as naturally as possible, with the aim being to follow a meal plan as close to the one eaten by man’s ancestors as possible. This loosely translates to a low carb diet high in animal protein, although some prefer a high card diet with plenty of plant based foods. Anything processed, sugar, soft drinks, dairy, grains and vegetable oils are not allowed – essentially, if it was made in a factory, it is not on the plan. Proponents often find they shed weight after following the plan.


Monday: Eggs and vegetables fried in coconut oil. One piece of fruit.

Tuesday: Bacon and eggs, with a piece of fruit.

Wednesday: Meat with vegetables (leftovers from night before).

Thursday: Eggs and a piece of fruit.

Friday: Eggs and vegetables fried in coconut oil.

Saturday: Bacon and eggs with a piece of fruit.


Monday: Chicken salad with olive oil. Handful of nuts.

Tuesday: Leftover burgers from the night before.

Wednesday: Sandwich in a lettuce leaf, with meat and fresh vegetables.

Thursday: Leftover stir-fry from the night before. A handful of nuts.

Friday: Chicken salad with olive oil. Handful of nuts.

Saturday: Leftover steak and vegetables from the night before.

Sunday: Sandwich in a lettuce leaf, with meat and fresh vegetables.


Monday: Burgers (no bun) fried in butter, with vegetables and some salsa.

Tuesday: Salmon fried in butter, with vegetables.

Wednesday: Ground beef stir-fry with vegetables. Some berries.

Thursday: Fried pork with vegetables.

Friday: Steak with vegetables and sweet potatoes.

Saturday: Baked salmon with vegetables and avocado.

Sunday: Grilled chicken wings with vegetables and salsa.

Does the Paleo diet really help followers lose weight?

A number of studies have shown that the diet an contribute to weight loss.

One study found that those who ate according to the paleo diet lost 2.5 times the weight after six months than those on a low fat diet.

Another study found those who ate a paleo diet followed then by a diabetes diet lost more on the paleo diet. They lost 6.6 pounds more than on the diabetes diet.

On the paleo diet more calories comes from fat and protein than from carbs.

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