Can I Put My Kid on the Paleo Diet?

Can I Put My Kid on the Paleo Diet?

The third false belief that parents have when they think about putting their child on a healthy eating protocol like Clovis Kids is that IT’S GOING TO BE TOO HARD.

The variety you have is killing you


Day in the life of our kids…

You’re probably having the same problems

Set your kid up in the RIGHT way

Set up your house for success: The American diet is BROKEN- stop trying to “fix” it

Have conversations with your kid, treat them like a tiny HUMAN

Game-ify things. Make this FUN!

Fed-Up on Netflix- go now

Liam is Awesome!








Fed Up Documentary


Justin Nault is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition, and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He has studied nutrition and fitness at their deepest levels. Justin has helped over 500 people transform their lives through one-on-one Lifestyle Coaching.

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