Carbs and LUNG CANCER? Dr. OZ show with anti-vegan Paleo Hyman

Carbs and LUNG CANCER?  Dr. OZ show with anti-vegan Paleo Hyman

BS ALERT: “Do carbs cause LUNG cancer?” Dr. Oz guests include Dr. Mark Hyman, remember this douche? (Bill Clinton’s lying Paleo Doctor). See “Did Clinton’s Dr lie about him going Paleo?

Here’s some facts the news doesn’t offer. With biting comedy and entertainment, I lay down some bigger Truth that’ll set you free of this BS study feeding frenzy with Dr. OZ AND Paleo scammers

NBC asks “Do carbs cause cancer?”

My weekly review of dr oz show
(Notes on this video)

I have nothing against oz, I started out liking him
but he does have some bs in his shows.

Is this ethical for Doctors and journalists to report in this manner?

OZ is often fair & balanced, but I predict Hyman will be a ***** ****.
Researchers asked nearly 2,000 people in the Houston area who had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer about the foods that they typically ate in the last year, Researchers aren’t sure why there is a connection, but the thinking is that high glycimic foods yada yada yada.

“all of these studies the results have been inconclusive,”

Previous research has linked a number of other foods, such as red meat and dairy products, with higher rates of lung cancer, while consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with lower rates.

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