Diet Battle: Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet! Which One Is The BEST? Which One Is Right For You?

Diet Battle: Keto Diet vs.  Paleo Diet! Which One Is The BEST? Which One Is Right For You?

Nowadays, obesity is ranking high as a cause of preventable death. Diabetes and other health related ailments are actively destroying our way of life in the western world. If you are interested in getting healthy, chances are you are looking to adjust your eating habits. You might have come across these two trendy options: the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet. These two diets are somewhat similar so let’s go ahead and break them down.
Let’s first look at the source of carbohydrates from these two diets.
With the paleo diet plan, your source of carbohydrates will be fresh fruits and sweet potatoes. The goal is to consume about 100 grams of carbohydrates between these two food groups. The keto diet, however, sources carbs only from leafy greens which is extremely restrictive.
This is a rather significant difference between these two diets as the ketogenic diet is rather deficient in carbohydrates while the paleo diet is free in this sense.
As far as calorie counting, the paleo and ketogenic diet differ drastically.
With the ketogenic diet, calorie and macro counting is extremely important. Specific targets such as 30% total protein intake, 5% carbohydrate intake and 65% dietary fat intake must be met in order to move into a “state of ketosis”, which is the whole purpose of the diet plan.
With the paleo diet, it is not critical to count calories. Obviously, fat loss can be monitored and accelerated by careful food intake analysis but the paleo diet does not require this.
Let’s look at exercise availability when it comes to these two diets:
Since the ketogenic diet is low in carbs, high intensity workouts are not recommended. Without carbohydrates, your body is not able to access the necessary fuel for intense exercise. For this reason, the keto diet is often not the best solution for most people. If you are planning on losing weight and staying active, it is recommended that you do not pursue the ketogenic diet. Nonetheless, there are modifications that allow people to stay active on the ketogenic diet. The targeted keto diet has you consume carbohydrates prior to a workout session and the cyclic ketogenic diet has you consume a large amount of carbs over a two day period to help you sustain yourself for the rest of the week. The paleo diet does not have any limit on exercise and actually encourages it.
The ketogenic diet is far more rigorous and is intended to assist with fat loss while the paleo diet focuses on food choices and good health. If you are interested in pursuing these diets, always let your primary care physician know before engaging in any health plan.
Will you try the paleo diet? What about the keto diet?
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