Does Paleo Allow Cheese?

Does Paleo Allow Cheese?

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It’s time to cut the cheese, Cheese lovers. When it comes to the Paleo Diet, cheese is not allowed…which really stinks for those are addicted to the smell and taste.

Since dairy comes from animals, one would believe that it would be on the approved Paleo list, but unfortunately it isn’t…not if you want to stay on the hardcore, straight and narrow diet plan.

This issue has been known to cause some serious disagreement and debate over whether dairy should or should not be included on the Paleo Diet. Paleo purists will tell you that there is no way that early man got into the habit of drinking milk or had the where-with-all to produce dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.

In fact, they go on to argue that many adult men and women experience different levels of lactose intolerance. They say this clearly proves that milk from humans, which is used to nurse our babies, is clearly the only viable option regarding milk consumption. Paleo purists also stress that the diet is about living and existing today through methods utilized in past times and existence.

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