Dr Shawn Bakers' Carnivore Diet (Zero Carb Diet Plan) Results & Benefits

Dr Shawn Bakers' Carnivore Diet (Zero Carb Diet Plan) Results & Benefits

Listen to Dr Shawn Baker explain the health benefits of eating a carnivore diet which is mainly meat and water & no vegetables or fruit.

Dr Shawn Baker is an orthopaedic surgeon based in California and an avid carnivore diet advocate.

Dr Baker shares some of the reasons why he feels eating an all meat diet is better than being low carb diet or keto diet.

He helps to explain the definition of the carnivore diet and the why he prefers using the term carnivore diet vs zero carb diet.

We also go into understanding the health benefits of & how to eat a diet that contains no vegetables or fruit.

We then find out about some of his personal health changes when he changed his way of eating to an all meat diet. This includes an improvement in his strength and muscle performance even as a Master Athlete world record holder in the 50+ category.

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