Easiest Dairy Free Brie, Vegan & Paleo 30 Minutes with Urban Cheesecraft Mix

Easiest Dairy Free Brie, Vegan & Paleo 30 Minutes with Urban Cheesecraft Mix

Shop mixes – www.urbancheesecraft.com – Whip up dairy-free, vegan, paleo brie with this handy mix created by Urban Cheesecraft. Flavored with porcini mushrooms, white pepper, mustard and more, it’s a real food base that you customize with your choice of nuts, seeds, veggies or beans.

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This creamy cheese has mushroom and grassy notes, just like the real thing – how? Our special blend of spices! This brie is dairy free, vegan and paleo but you would never know it. Professional results every time and you know what you’re eating. No weird stuff.

This brie is a tempting, spreadable showstopper on a party platter but it also makes incredible sandwiches. The best part is now you can make it with our Urban Cheesecraft mix, in just 30 minutes!

NO Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Carrageenan or Grains (Gluten Free!)

Mix Contents:


Instructions with Tips and Variations
Gluten-free Tapioca Flour (cassava root)
Quick Gelling Agar Powder (seaweed)
Nutritional Yeast
Plant-Based Lactic Acid
Pure, Non-Iodized Flake Salt
Mustard Powder
White Pepper
Onion Powder
Porcini Powder

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