Eating for Generators | Human Design Diet ★☾

Eating for Generators | Human Design Diet   ★☾

– Eating for Generators | Human Design Diet ★☾

★ $133 Personalised Human Design Chart Reading + Intuitive insight on your unique energy

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The reading covers:
Incarnation Cross!
With examples and specific intuitive-insight around your unique energy

★ Recent Review:
“I can’t fully express how much clarity I received from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cried and said “yes” to everything you said. Thank you for being so thorough and explaining each part of this reading. ” Erin P.

Human Design & Eating for your Type… Generators specifically!

Generators make up a majority of the population, they are the builders… the energy-hubs, and the do-ers of the world.

Yet generators are not here to just do anything… they are here to be deeply FULFILLEd by the work they do.

This sense of satisfaction translates into how a generator can also nourish their physical body best.

Knowing your type, knowing your software, and activating your blueprint.

This is what will shift and realign your life. The best part?
You get to see for yourself by experimenting!

Each reading includes
– Your strategy and authority and how best to live in alignment
– Your profile
– Body and Mind preference
– Most ideal environment for you
– Your unique digestive system
– Your most important sense
– Your most important channels and what they mean
– Your incarnation cross

What is the Human Design System?

This system is an energetic system, a sort of genetic coding that was imprinted into us when we were born. The accuracy is profound.

Simply speaking there are 4 groups of people
– Generators
– Manifestors
– Projectors
– Reflectors

Each is unique and fundamental to the whole.

xxx Kelly

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– Human Design Diet | Eating for Generators

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