EP083: How Doing The Paleo AIP Diet For 30-Days Created A Big Habit Change In My Life

EP083: How Doing The Paleo AIP Diet For 30-Days Created A Big Habit Change In My Life

Over the course of two and a half decades of being an athlete and coach I’ve done more diets and experiments than I can count. Every time I learned something in theory, I would experiment with it on myself, before taking the lessons and adding them to my coaches toolbox.

My latest experiment: the Paleo AIP diet. This one entered my radar thanks to my friend Jay Ferruggia – who has been raving about how it has helped him. This intrigued me, so I decided to learn more about it before possibly experimenting with it on myself. When it comes to diets, I am tend to be a little more reluctant to try them because I don’t want to be “that” guy.

With that said, I ended up deciding to give the diet a go. The final trigger? The words of praise from a few Vigor clients who were on it due to autoimmune issues, so I decided to do a 6-week incubator program with Paleo AIP as the nutrition foundation.

In this episode I discuss the experience. If you’re curious about the Paleo AIP diet you will not want to miss this episode of the podcast.

Let’s go.


1. Why I decided to do a Paleo AIP diet while not being a “Paleo guy”

2. Why I asked my clients to fail and be ok with it, calling it an “experiment” rather than a challenge, and why you should too

3. The Paleo AIP protocol, what you can and can’t eat on it, and why one would follow the diet

4. The one thing you MUST do when you make a drastic change in your nutrition—that most people neglect to do

5. The structure and rules that you need to follow to make the Paleo AIP diet work for you and still be able to reintroduce foods back WITHOUT gaining a lot of weight or feeling like crap

6. How one decision created a cascade of consequences in my positive habits and how you can do the same

7. Why the “contrast pill” can help you completely transform your life – I detail how to take it

8. How to know if you are sedating or avoiding the reality of your life – instead creating behavioral patterns that are leading you away from you goals

9. When I like challenges and how they can be a catalyst for better health, business, and life

10. Why we eat more than we think and how this lesson can change your body as well as any other daily struggle you’re experiencing


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