How To Break Through Your Keto Weight Loss Plateau

How To Break Through Your Keto Weight Loss Plateau

You probably started the keto diet to lose weight and my guess is it probably worked for a while. But then you seemingly stopped burning fat- you hit a weight loss plateau.

In this video Chris Irvin and I break down the following to help you bust through and break your keto weight loss plateau:

-How to know if you’re at a real fat loss plateau or if it’s a fake keto plateau
-Why you can expect to lose a lot of weight in your first few weeks on keto
-What supplements to use when starting keto
-How the quality of foods to eat to bust through your keto weight loss plateau
-How inflammation affects your fat loss
-How dairy might affect your weight loss and how to test your dairy intolerance
-Why you might want to try eating LESS fat on the keto diet
-How exercise can positively OR negatively affect your weight loss
-Why eating too little food can stop your weight loss
-How your lifestyle like sleep and stress management affects your fat loss
-Why you should turn off electronic devices at night
-Counterintuitively, you might want to STOP keeping track of macros to lose more weight
-Why you shouldn’t always trust the scale
-And more

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