How to Follow the Caveman Diet

How to Follow the Caveman Diet

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If you are hunting for the perfect diet, eat like your ancestors did 30,000 years ago and get yourself a toned stone-age body.

Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.

Step 1: Remove non-caveman foods from diet
Remove sugars, grains, beans, potatoes, and salt from your diet.

Step 2: Start with breakfast
Start your diet with a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and berries.

Step 3: Continue for three days
Continue eating breakfast according to the caveman diet for three days, while eating your normal lunch and dinner.

Check online or at a bookstore for caveman recipes.

Step 4: Add lunch
Add a paleo lunch to your menu: try a salad, wild mushrooms, and venison. Continue eating a paleo breakfast and lunch for three more days.

Step 5: Add a snack
Satisfy your in-between-meal cravings with a snack consisting of nuts and fruit.

Peanuts are a bean, not a nut. The same goes for cashews, so avoid these.

Step 6: Add dinner
Complete the transition to your new diet by adding a caveman-inspired dinner. A hearty salmon with turnips makes for a terrific modern stone-aged meal.

Did You Know?
Neanderthals lived in Europe about 200,000 years ago, but disappeared only 30,000 years ago.

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