How to go High-fruit from Low-carb/Paleo diet. (Fructose Myths) (HCLF)

How to go High-fruit from Low-carb/Paleo diet.  (Fructose Myths)  (HCLF)

Fructose is getting a bad rap. That rap can be traced to bad extrapolations from studies showing that high-fructose diets ramped up liver production of fats. Turns out the studies used rats and the diets were hyper-caloric, making it hard to isolate fructose intake as the sole culprit for the lipogenesis.

Refined Fructose probably is bad, especially the amounts in junk food. Fructose is an isolated substance (they have un-natural effects because they’re isolated). But within the food they came from, there’s no effects.

Studies (of GM high-fructose corn syrup) only say something about GM HF corn syrup. It’s the opportunists who come along with a book extrapolating that research to sell their fruit-less unsustainable diet(and the need for a 2nd book)

Science is always correcting and amending itself. That’s due to the fundamental flaw in the scientific process: treating the body as if it’s
just a collection of separate organisms, and not connected. That is isolationism. On top of that, they use unnatural
refined counterparts (HFCS – high fructose corn syrup/GMO).

Nature shouldn’t be maligned just because humans invented refineries.

Our physiology is Frugivore. (we’re primates)
sir arthur keith(anthropologist / anatomist) said “Chimpanzees and gorillas have the same digestive mechanisms as Man”

And there’s a diet called 80/10/10 for fruit-based eating. This diet’s getting more benefits than ever seen anywhere. (testimonial vids:

I first learned of high-fruit eating in 1994 by reading “Fit-for-Life”. And I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast ever since. In 2008, I got into the Raw-food scene (went 85% raw) and, for me, 80/10/10 seems like the way to go.

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