How to hunt down ANY Paleo or AIP Produce- No matter WHERE you live!!

How to hunt down ANY Paleo or AIP Produce- No matter WHERE you live!!

Sick of seeing Paleo or AIP recipes that call for ingredients you don’t think you’ll ever find in your area?
White sweet potatoes? Taro? Yautia?!

This video will teach you how to get your hands on practically ANY Paleo produce, no matter where you live!

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El Sol brands

Brooks Tropicals

Melissa’s Produce


Everything you need to know about taro, plantain, yautia, and white sweet potatoes:

Yautia Ingredient Highlight:

My favorite yautia bread and meatloaf bars:

How to cook Taro root:

My original white sweet potato “Batata Breakfast Bars”

Aaaand the pimped out version!:

How I make breadfruit:

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I’m Stacey. I’m an ACE certified Health Coach and P.T. as well as a Certified AIP Coach.

I have reversed all symptoms of my celiac disease, leaky gut and chronic fatigue with diet and lifestyle. I have also suffered from alopecia, anxiety and brain fog which have resolved without the use of medication.

My AIP journey included a few troubleshooting steps because of histamine issues and unique intolerances but now I feel amazing! I feel better in my 40’s than I ever have in my life!

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I started AIP in November 2015 and have learned so much on my journey that I want to share with you! I follow AIP without a dishwasher or oven (or microwave!) and on a budget with very little spare time. I truly believe that if I can do AIP then so can you and I want to show you how!

(I have since been able to reintroduce some nuts, seeds, seed- based spices, etc but I keep my YouTube recipes 100% AIP elimination phase compliant!)

You might also find my channel helpful if you are into clean eating or following any type of ancestral eating plan like the Wahl’s Protocol, Bulletproof Diet, Pegan, Plant Paradox or Whole 30.

Always work with your physician when making dietary changes that could affect current health conditions, medications, etc.

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