Is Pasta Fattening? (learn the truth about carbs and weight loss)

Is Pasta Fattening? (learn the truth about carbs and weight loss)

Can you eat pasta while cutting? YES, of course you can. But there are better choices. Discover the best foods for weight loss.

Here’s the time stamps for the video content…
0:31 – Can you eat pasta while cutting?
1:49 – You can still gain weight even if following an Intermittent Fasting (OMAD) diet plan.
3:29 – Why is pasta a bad food choice for cutting?
3:52 – The best carbohydrate foods for fat loss.
5:58 – High Volume / Low Calorie Foods – VS – Low Volume / High Calorie Foods
7:30 – Lose 27 Pounds with The Twinkie Diet
9:45 – How many calories should you eat per day?
12:20 – Monitoring Your Progress and Modifying Your Approach
13:00 – Need some help with your diet, just e-mail me

Just the other day I received a private message from one of my subscribers asking if he could still eat pasta while following a cutting diet to lose weight.

Now the simple answer is “YES” – but pasta is not the ideal food for fat burning. There are much better food options available that you can eat while cutting to help make losing fat easier.

These days there’s A LOT of controversy and confusion over the best diet for losing weight… Should you eat low carb, high carb, high fat, low fat, keto, vegan, carnivore, intermittent fasting, one meal a day – OMAD, 6 meals per day, etc…

Bottom line, when it comes to dieting for weight loss it ultimately comes down to “Calories In VS Calories Out”. You can’t escape the numbers regardless of what diet plan you choose to follow.

If you eat low carb, but eat too much… You can still gain weight.

If you follow an Intermittent Fasting diet, but eat too much… You can still gain weight.

If you eat Paleo, but eat too much… You can still gain weight.

This applies to every single diet plan out there. Calories still count no matter what.

The secret to sticking to a successful fat loss diet is to choose foods that give you the most eating satisfaction for the least number of calories so that you can feel satiated while still remaining in a calorie deficit for weight loss.

In this video we’re going to take a deeper look into dieting for fat loss, explain why can still eat pasta if you choose to, but we’ll also cover some better carbohydrate foods that you can eat instead that are lower in calories for the same volume of food, and that also provide you with more quality nutrition as well.

If you would like some help with planning out a customized fat loss meal plan, just send me e-mail leeh [at] and we can brainstorm some ideas that will be right for you, your body type, food preferences, and weight loss goals.

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