Keto, Paleo and Mediterranean DIETS explained | iBodyTV

Keto, Paleo and Mediterranean DIETS explained | iBodyTV

Fitness coaches Andreea Tina and Lewis Bailey give us an explanation of popular diets such as the Keto diet, Paleo diet and Mediterranean diet. They also explain what macros are and what people mean when they say ‘macros diet’.

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Thank you to our guests: Lewis Bailey and Andreea Tina
Filmed and Edited by: Isabel Raven

Andrea: The keto diet, paleo diet, the macro diet, carb cycling diet, mediterranean diet – so for the keto diet because it’s a big one and everyone’s talking about keto, keto, everyone wants to go keto – what is it?
Lewis: Yeah so in essence the ketogenic diet is really focused on a high fat diet so you’re looking around about 70% of your intake should be from fat. So we’d say it’s a lot of fat that you’re intaking. Your protein should be moderate to low and your carbohydrate intake needs to be very very low. And the whole point of it is to basically suppress your carbohydrate intake and then the energy that you get comes from the ketones within the blood and then the body starts running off of fat as a fuel
Andrea: When you use the fat as an energy source the liver will start releasing these ketones and that’s how you’ll start burning fat as the main source of energy. So let’s talk about paleo now, what is a paleo diet?
Lewis: Sure. Big, big fan of paleo aswell, paleo is focused on a higher based protein intake but it’s kinda going back to the way we used to eat back in the day, in caveman days, that’s kind of the philosophy behind it. So plenty of meat, a variety of meats, green vegetables is the primary science to the diet
Andrea: nuts and seeds as well and a few berries because that’s what they could pick. So the macros diet because everyone talks about macros, what are macros, what are your macros lets elucidate the case
Lewis: Ok with regards to macros, in essences there’s three key macronutrients and they are your proteins, your fats and carbohydrates – so there now split up in terms of how many calories are in each micronutrients. So one gram of protein is four calories, one gram of carbohydrate will also equate to four calories and one gram of fat equates to nine calories so that’s the split between the three macronutrients.
Andrea: When people talk about macros dieting it’s literally counting how much micronutrients you get on your diet in order to reach your goals. So the mediterranean diet, I can see this is a great diet and it works so well for so many people, for me it works amazingly. That diet focuses on wholesome foods, high fibre foods, it’s quite high in carbs but it’s good quality carbs and it’s got all the good monounsaturated oils such as olive oils, it’s low in protein, it’s high in the amount of carbs but all these high high fibre carbs and good quality oils.
Lewis: it’s just a good blend basically of all the different nutrients but very very good, clean sources.
Andrea: It’s a very balanced diet and I highly recommend it for anyone really

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