Keto Ultra Diet Pills Shark Tank – Keto Diet Pills Review + FREE GIFT!

Keto Ultra Diet Pills Shark Tank – Keto Diet Pills Review + FREE GIFT!

Keto Ultra Diet Pills Shark Tank – Keto Diet Pills Review

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What Is Keto?

Ketosis is the metabolic process of using fat as the primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. This means your body is directly breaking down its fat stores as energy instead of slowly converting fat and muscle cells into glucose for energy. You enter ketosis when your body doesn’t have enough glucose (carbohydrates) available. The prime function of the ketogenic diet is to put the body in ketosis.

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Thinking About If The Keto Diet Is For You or Not?
Have You Already Begun Your Ketosis Journey?

Whether You’re An Expert or Beginner,

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The 2019 Keto Diet Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

4 Great Ketosis Exercises You Should Try To Help You Lose Weight Faster

How to Start the Keto Diet
1. Talk to Your Doctor
We are not doctors. We simply share our knowledge and experiences to help others with their journey, so make sure you talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

2. Calculate Your Macros
Eating the correct macronutrient ratios will deplete your body of glucose and force it to start producing ketones. Your body will then use these ketones for energy. Use our calculator to find out the ideal macronutrient split for your body. Generally, a ketogenic diet will have the following macronutrient ratios:

High Fat – 60%-80% of total calories come from fat.
Moderate Protein – 15%-35% of total calories come from protein.
Low Carbohydrate – 5% or less of total calories come from carbohydrates.
3. Start Eating a Keto Diet

Full-fat dairy
Natural oils like olive and coconut oil
Vegetables that grow above ground like lettuce, spinach, and broccoli.
Avoid the following foods:
Sugar and starches, such as…
Potatoes and other root vegetables
High-sugar fruit
4. Brace Yourself for the Keto Flu
A lot of changes are happening in your body and you’re going to feel it! The first five to seven days can be pretty rough, but your body is getting over its dependency on sugar. During this time of transition it is essential that you supplement electrolytes. Your body is flushing out lots of water, and with that goes electrolytes. The Keto Flu can be greatly reduced if you add sodium, potassium and magnesium to your diet. Check out our supplements page for a list of electrolyte supplements we recommend. Stay on course and you’ll start feeling better in no time!

5. Don’t Restrict Calories
When adapting to the keto diet, it may help you adjust by not restricting your calories, even if your only goal is weight loss. Calorie restriction will be easier, and even happen naturally, when you are fully fat-adapted. You will notice a decrease in cravings and hunger after a few weeks on a ketogenic diet.

6. Keep Protein Intake Moderate
Protein will induce an insulin response in the body, if consumed in high amounts. The most intuitive way to start a keto diet for most people is by removing all of the carbs they have been eating. Typically people will replace those calories by increasing their lean meat consumption. That’s a recipe for disaster! Keeping protein moderate is an often overlooked, but very important part of a keto diet. Most people need around 0.6g to 1.0g of protein per pound of lean body mass.

7. Don’t be Afraid of Fat
It’s tough to overcome the low-fat indoctrination we’ve all gone through, but make an effort to do it! Fat is good and should be consumed in high amounts on this diet. Make the paradigm shift in your mind. If you’re feeling low energy on a keto diet, the odds are that you are not consuming enough healthy fats.

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