Ketogenic Diet Creates Athletic Endurance Success

Ketogenic Diet Creates Athletic Endurance Success

The paleo diet naturally supports the ketogenic diet and is the number one way to increase endurance performance.

Chris Froome mentioned on Twitter once that he does low carb and fasting before zone 2 rides in his off season very occasionally so he is actually on the Ketogenic diet. He and all the other competitors at the Tour De France are actually performing in Ketosis and pumping out 6.5 watts per kg because they are so well fat adapted. They may look really skinny and have 16 BMI’s but they actually carry a lot of internal fat storage which they use when they really need to put the hammer down.

If you look at any endurance sport where there is big prize money or prestige involved you can see that Ketogenic athletes are winning. Kenyan marathoners are the best keto adapted athletes in the world. Before they a Western nutritionist introduced them to keto, when they were eating rice, maize and corn, they were really fat and really slow at running. Now they are running 2 hour marathons on coconut oil.

Jan Frodeno and Gwen Jorgensen are actually lying when they say that rice and pasta are a staple of their diet during training and racing. They just don’t want people to know their secret about how pork steaks and bison liver actually fuel their ability to perform at lactate threshold for over 6 hours.

My top tip is that if you are ever doing an endurance event and start to get tired, make sure you eat a concentrated amount of fat. You will feel better immediately and will be able to pump out big watts.

Remember most of all, sugar and fruit make you fat and decrease your ability to perform in endurance sport. If you want to drop your mates up your local hill, avoid them at all costs.

Training resources and equipment I ACTUALLY use weekly and recommend are:

Training and Racing with a Power Meter –

Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor –

Clif Bars –

Squirt Dry Lube (by far the best I’ve used) –

Topeak Saddle Bag –

Garmin Edge 520 Plus –

Handlebar Go Pro Mount –

Oakley EV Zero Sunglasses –

Recording Equipment I use:

Go Pro Hero 7 Silver –

Podcaster Microphone –

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