Marc Lobliner Interview From Tiger Fitness Talks About The FDA & Paleo

Marc Lobliner Interview From Tiger Fitness Talks About The FDA & Paleo

Episode #41 “Heath Squier & Gary Collins talk with 34yr old Professional Bodybuilder Marc Lobliner From talk about the Bodybuilding, Paleo Diet, Supplements and achieving optimal health through eating real foods. Marc Lobliner confirms that The Paleo Diet is the easiest way to lose weight and stay shredded although he doesn’t always follow Paleo he does see the benefit when bodybuilding. We talk on how is bringing in the new Paleo Protein Bars from Julian Bakery to help transition their customers that are interested in Paleo to the best protein bar on the market. ” The Primal Show with Former FDA Investigator & Author Gary Collins & CEO Of Julian Bakery, Inc. Heath Squier interviews Marc Lobliner from Tiger Fitness Website which offers consumers over 10,000 bodybuilding supplements including D Aspartic Acid which Mac Lobliner recommends for natural bodybuilders to increase testosterone .

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