Paleo Autoimmune Diet Real Food for Everybody. MS, Celiac, Cardiac, Diabetic, Lupus,….

Paleo Autoimmune Diet Real Food for Everybody. MS, Celiac, Cardiac, Diabetic, Lupus,….

Come share with me our family’s imperfect journey. You will be healthier and feel better. “Be well” Pause Video.

This is a Paleo diet. It’s a good Autoimmune disease diet, MS diet, Celiac diet, Cardiac diet, Diabetic diet, Lupus diet, Irritable bowel diet, Colitis diet, Crohn’s diet, Psoriasis diet, Cancer diet, Weight loss diet, Chronic Fatigue diet, Fibromyalgia diet, Alcoholic diet…..

A good diet for Everybody. Eat healthy Real Food most of the time’
*Key is go out for a treat only. Do not have them in your home.
You’ll eat healthier. All mammals will eat a cake or box of yummies.
It’s natural we can’t help it’ 😀 Omg Dear Lord I love candy bars’

This type of diet has helped me thrive for the last 5 years.
Matt Embry has been eating this way for 22 years thriving.
I do eat white jasmine rice only in moderation.
It allows for nutritious foods to be absorbed well.
I eat: no bread, no pasta, no dairy, no legumes.

Davina I could cry forever but we can’t. O my goodness girl xo
We just have to keep going. Overtime you can make changes’
Make sure you take vitamin D3 and K2 for Bone & Heart Health.
D3&K2 really puts you in a good mood! Magnesium good also.
Eat good and rest always so your body can replenish and repair.
This has a humongous vascular component to it.
Eating Paleo is good. It’s all hard but you will be ok. July 6, 2019

Food is my medicine and a few vitamins. I take nothing more.
My Multivitamin Garden of life – Women’s Once Daily (100% food),
Vitamin’s D3 and K2, Magnesium Doctors Best 100mg ,
Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil 1,000mg, B12 500mg spray Garden of life.
Many are on Amazon, local pharmacies, and some grocery stores.

I fell ill in 2013 and for 5 years now since 2015 I eat more seriously.
My health is for the better, thriving. Paleo eating keeps me at bay’.
Be sure to eat good & rest daily. I am 50 years old. Be well’

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Read: *Comment below for More information about Food.

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