Paleo Diet: 2 Critical

>> Shaun: Hey everybody What's up? Shaun Hadsall; coming at you with another Rapid Fat Loss video

So today we're going to talk about two sneaky strategies to double fat loss on the Paleo diet So Paleo diet is becoming very trendy and I like it And I like it because, first thing is, it eliminates processed food So lesson number one, if you eliminate processed foods you'll probably watch your belly get flatter in as little as a week So I like it alone just because of that aspect of it; however, I do see a couple of holes in the Paleo diet and if we really want to double fat loss on the Paleo diet we need to manipulate it a little bit, in a healthy manner, and I'm going to show you how to do that right now with trick number one

We talk about fruit intake a lot on the Paleo diet and you need to manipulate your fruit intake if you want to double fat loss and actually target belly fat So, what I would do is, three or four days of your week, on the Paleo plan, I would up my servings of friendly fats and I would cut out fruits on those days because what this will do is it will turn off your body's dependence on the sugars on those days In that way, it will manipulate your body to use belly fat as its primary go-to energy source Now the next trick will really help you work in synergy with this tick and that is strategically add in, in time, tubers and/or glucose polymers on this plan So tubers are like sweet potatoes, yams, and potatoes

Now, if you think about it, our Paleo ancestors could have very well dug up tubers and ate them So I am not sure why tubers aren't a part of this plan but I will even go as far as to say that it would be okay, three or four days of your week, post workout, not only okay but beneficial, and it will actually accelerate the fat loss process, to even have white rice or other white glucose polymers So I'm a fan of white potatoes because they're from nature but even white rice provides that pure starch and it doesn't have any gluten in it so, a lot of times, it's less problematic than these other so called healthy foods Not only that, these tubers and the glucose polymers that these starches provide actually accelerate your body's ability to burn fat if you're an exerciser So, if you're an exerciser, it's crucial that you have these as part of your plan because it's going to fuel a process called aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis

So this will fuel your body's ability to exercise more intensely so that you can target more belly fat Now, it does a couple other important things Number one, it prevents metabolic slowdown, so it'll keep your metabolism going and keep your body in an anabolic environment The other thing that it does is it helps keep your hormones happy Think if you followed just the traditional Paleo approach and you exercised intensely

I've ran into a lot of people who struggle and the minute I give them these two ticks, everything changes for them, just by modifying it a little bit, because what happens is, using the Paleo approach, in my opinion, your thyroid and your leptin levels could suppress very easily without some glucose polymers in your plan Because what happens is, these extra starches, strategically timed, will actually spark your thyroid, which is the master gland of the metabolism and it will help reset leptin signaling and keep leptin levels elevated and leptin tells your body whether or not you should burn fat or whether or not you should store fat and by timing these tubers and glucose polymers, post workout, about three or four days of the week, you're going to get all these benefits and really double the results and the fat loss of the Paleo diet So, if you like this approach, what I've done is, on a separate web page, at the link below this video, actually outline this entire strategy and I give you three tricks that you can double or literally triple fat loss after a weekend food bender, after a period of time where you've eaten unhealthy or maybe after a vacation This three or four day strategy is a carb deplete strategy that will show you exactly how to manipulate your diet to make belly fat your go-to energy source for literally three or four days in a row, after you've fallen off track So just click the link below this video

I'll even give you a free report where you can learn all about it Enjoy the free goodies; we'll see you guys on the next video

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