Paleo Diet Food List – The Official Rap

Paleo Diet Food List – The Official Rap

Had a little fun with this one –

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Paleo Diet Food List Lyrics
I do poultry
I do turkey
Chicken breast
Chopped steak
Veal bacon pork ground beef
Grass fed
Chicken thigh
Chick leg
Chicken wings lamb racks
Shrimp lobster clams that top the salmon and SLAP
I don’t do processed foods
Overly salty too
I don’t do dairy refined sugar cereal grains legumes nah
No potatoes keep that junk food off the table
I’m switching to a paleo diet don’t be sticking to the same ol same ol
Grass fed meats
fish seafood try it
Fresh fruits and vegetables eggs nuts seeds on a paleo diet

Almonds cashews hazelnuts pecans
Apples avocados blackberries peaches plums
Reindeer rabbit lambchops goat elk
Parsley cauliflower peppers and cabbage for myself
Asparagus on the plate artichoke hearts Brussel sprouts
Carrots spinach celery
Green onions keep propelling me
This is what Im eating
Don’t you knock it til you try it
Can’t stick to the same ol same ol rather switch to a paleo diet

Repeat Hook
Verse 3
Blueberries and grapes
Lemons strawberries and lime
Raspberries and cantaloupes I eat that all the time
Figs bananas oranges and the works
Yeah I put my diet first I’m just showing you how it works
So if you need a meal plan hit
We can get you strong get you right put you on
Oh yes
So quick
Know this if you need the whole list

Repeat Hook

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