Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide Audiobook by Rockridge Press

Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide Audiobook by Rockridge Press

Listen to the full audiobook Paleo Diet for Athletes Guide: Paleo Meal Plans for Endurance Athletes, Strength Training, and Fitness, for free at

Format: Unabridged
Written by: Rockridge Press
Narrated by: Kevin Pierce
Publisher: Callisto Media Inc.
Release date: 8/14/2013
Duration: 2 hrs and 46 mins
Language: English
Genres: Diets & Nutrition

Maximize your workout with lean proteins and superior carbohydrates. Paleo Diet for Athletes is the ultimate guide to building strength and endurance by feeding your body foods that get results.
The Paleo diet is a lifestyle change, not a weight loss fad. Paleo athletes eat nutritious, natural, and unprocessed foods that build muscle, boost stamina, and increase workout time. Paleo Diet for Athletes is your guide to transform how you eat and exercise:

Fuel your workouts before, during, and after training sessions with easy-to-prepare recipes.
Bulk-up and lean-out with meal plans designed to build muscle mass and reduce body fat.
Learn the science behind proper eating for your specific sport and workout goals.
Benefit from the healthy meal plans regardless of your athletic ability or weight loss objectives.

Get the most out of your sport without depriving yourself of healthy, delicious food. Paleo Diet for Athletes is the comprehensive plan for getting in shape and staying fit.


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