Paleo Diet for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (Does it work)

Paleo Diet for Crohn's Disease and  Ulcerative Colitis (Does it work)

The PALEO DIET FOR CROHNS & COLITIS (Autoimmune Disease)

The Paleo diet that has been used successfully to help people naturally overcome their Crohn’s & Colitis (IBD’s). Primal diets like PALEO, and KETO have been changing peoples lives.

You only need to spend a few minutes searching and you will find the many healing testimonials that involve this diet.

What is the Paleo Diet?

It’s a primal diet that is based on the type of food eaten by early human beings. On this diet you would eat meat, fish, veggies, fruit, and nuts. In simple terms you would eat REAL food!

Why does this diet Help people heal their IBD’s?
It’s most likely due to what The diet removes and restricts, compared to the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Processed foods, grains (gluten), processed oils, dairy, most artificial sweeteners, and SUGAR.

Eliminating these toxic foods is great for a person with a compromised immune system. This would be anyone with an autoimmune disease like crohns or colitis.

Leading health experts indicate that disease is caused by 2 things: deficiency and toxicity. This diet addresses both: it helps provide your body with nutrients, and dramatically reduces your toxic load.

What are the BENFITS OF PALEO:
Normalizes Blood Sugar *
Reduces Inflammation
Boosts Satiety(you feel satisfied) *
Corrects Nutritional Deficiencies
Normalizes body weight (weight loss or gain whatever is required)

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