Paleo diet Vlog Day 1 ( English version)

Paleo diet Vlog Day 1 ( English version)

Hello there guys!! 🙂

Welcome to my Paleo diet Vlogs! :):) This is my first installment of these series and I m very excited to share it with all of you.
As you might know ( By watching other videos on my channel) I discovered the Paleo diet sometime last summer and I lost a total of 18 lbs with it.
When December got here ( all the holidays craziness, a trip to FL, etc) I gained back 5 of those 18 lbs that I lost when I started…
So starting on Jan 1rst I promised I was gonna get back to to this diet so I can lose those extra lbs and go back to where I was 🙂
I thought it was a great idea to make this Vlogs so you could see what I eat most of the time and have a better idea of what is allowed and what is not 🙂
( Keep in mind, I gotta be flexible sometimes, for example, coffee is not considered paleo, because it s a grain…, but I would go nuts without my coffee in the AM so I gotta have it!)
It s up to you on how strict or flexible you want to be, what I did the first time around was, do it for 4 or 5 weeks without having any treats ( nothing processed, that s really bad for you) and then I felt I started losing too much weight too fast I started having 1 or 2 treats x week, and let s be honest, nobody wants to live on a diet, you only live once so you gotta allow yourself a treat or 2 over the weekend to enjoy yourself and motivate you to workout harder when you go back to the gym on Monday he he
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this Vlog and make sure you leave a comment down below with any question or suggestion you may have :), not only it s useful for me but for other subscribers or people who watches my videos!
Have a great rest of the week and I will be back with another Vlog tomorrow!!
Love ya!! xoxo

DISCLAIMER: I m not a nutritionist or certified personal trainer so keep in mind this diet I m showing you is what works for me, remember we are all different so results will vary from person to person.
If you have health issues or are on a special diet, PLEASE talk to your doctor first, to make sure this kind of diet plan is good for you and won’t harm you in any way!

With that being said, enjoy the journey and let’s get fit together!! 🙂


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