Paleo Diet: Why you can’t ignore it and Q&A with Mark Sisson & Robb Wolf 3:22

Paleo Diet: Why you can’t ignore it and Q&A with Mark Sisson & Robb Wolf 3:22

Paleo Diet: Why you can’t ignore it and Q&A with Mark Sisson & Robb Wolf 3:22

Paleo (or paleolithic diet) is the way our ancestors eat. It includes wild caught fish, grass fed beef, berries, vegetables and much more. Some people include dairy if their body can process it.
Grains like wheat, oat and rye, beans and legumes are not a part of eating the paleo way, because of the antinutrients like lectin and high glycemic load which will increase your fat.
No artificial sweeteners, additives or processed foods.

Effectice lifestyle for weight loss and keeping the weight off.
Effects of eating the wrong way

Questions With Mark Sisson the writer of Mark’s Daily Apple and many books like the Primal Blueprint and Robb Wolf author of the Paleo solution
From 3:22 forward

Is it necessary to supplement with minerals when eating paleo
The answer varies with your stress, dental issues, how ketogenic you are, who you are, are there things that cause you issues

Do you have any general recommendations that will help with sleep
Answer includes pitch black room, sleep hygiene, managing your cortisol and stress, gaba, melatonin

Is icing beneficial for chronic or acute injuries
Answer depends on the injury: is it chronic or acute.

How high can you go with your daily fat intake
The answer delves into glucose, improving fat intake and fat metabolism, movement, ketogenic diet, periodization

Are there gender differences on paleo diet? Do women get different results than men?
The answer is good and Robb and Mark ponder on what is your ideal body compostition, health, maintaining weight, your issues before starting, performance levels,
Women tend to plateu faster, keep measurements and photos to inform you.

Is there anything to do when your sit bones are become extremely painful
The problem is really specific so no general answer could be made other than using standing desk, swiss ball and other aids.

What physical and physiological indicators to look for to know if you are too stressed when implementing intermittent fasting
Answer looks at training to be good fat burners and using ketones. Use intermittent fasting as an option to choose not to eat crap.

Do you have some thoughts on high carbohydrate diet for professional athletes
There is no real studied answer but seems to be that carb-loading can cause problems for athletes.

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