RECIPE: Grandma's Applesauce (the paleo way)

RECIPE: Grandma's Applesauce (the paleo way)

This is based on my grandmother’s recipe for applesauce and proves that when you use fresh, seasonal ingredients and cook them properly, you do not need to over complicate things. This recipe involves 3 ingredients: Fresh, locally grown McIntosh apples, water and ground cinnamon. My grandmother added sugar, but apples contain approximately 16 grams of a sugar each so we will skip that step. This recipe has been a family favorite ever since I was a child and for good reason, it’s delicious! I added some flair to the plating as well. Enjoy!


5 lbs McIntosh apples (local, organic preferred)
Cinnamon to taste

1 – Wash apples, qaurter them, and add to a large pot
2 – Add water so apples wont burn and stick to pot, less than half of an inch in the pot
3 – Cover and bring to a boil.
4 – Reduce to simmer and stir frequently so apples don’t burn
5 – Once there are no large pieces of apple left (you will still see the skins) and you are left with “mush” remove from heat and run through a ricer into a bowl.
6 – Add cinnamon to taste and chill
7 – Plate however you desire, my version in the video uses more apples, cinnamon stick and some fresh mint
8 – Enjoy!

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