Reintroducing Foods on AIP | What I ate on Autoimmune Paleo Days 40-43

Reintroducing Foods on AIP | What I ate on Autoimmune Paleo Days 40-43

Reintroducing foods on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP diet) can be scary! You’d think after all this time without these things you’d be overly excited, but sometimes it’s just easier to keep going the way you have been. In this episode I talk all about reintroductions and how they work on the AIP + I go over what I’ve eaten for the last few days.

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The meals I ate:

Day 40 –

Breakfast – My cassava flour pancakes (still working on recipe), US Wellness Sugar Free Bacon ( ), Breakfast Porridge from the 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts ebook ( )

Lunch: Crepes from the Simple French Paleo cookbook ( ) + a jam made from frozen blueberries, vanilla powder ( ), and water simmered in a pan for 30 minutes + Honey & cinnamon Tigernut Butter ( )
Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips ( ) and an AIP Carob Chip Cookie ( )

Snacks – Lemon Pie Date Balls from the Autoimmune Wellness Handbook ( ) and a Beef Epic Bar ( )

Dinner – Loaded Baked Potato Soup from Paleo on the Go ( )


Day 41 –

Breakfast – same as day 40

Lunch – leftover fried cauliflower rice, chicken adobo burgers from last video + patacones ( )

Dinner – Pork chops with Primal Palate Adobo seasoning ( ) + a kale, roasted sweet potato, and kalamata olive salad


Day 42 –

Breakfast – same as Day 41

Lunch – leftover pork carnitas, coconut cauliflower rice, pineapple, baked plantain, and avocado lime mousse from last video

Dinner – Roast chicken with Primal Palate Garlic and Herb blend ( ) + the Yuca con Mojo recipe in the Latin American Paleo Cookbook ( )


Day 43 –

Breakfast – Broccoli and Mint Soup + Garlic Chicken Patty (both made during batch cooking prior to AIP – see this video:
and an AIP English Muffin ( )

Lunch – Leftover chicken and kale salad

Dinner – Baked Cod with Olive Tapenade and Creamy Garlic Mash from Simple French Paleo (

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