TESCO Keto Diet Christmas Food List πŸŽ„ Low Carb Grocery Shopping List UK #23

TESCO Keto Diet Christmas Food List πŸŽ„ Low Carb Grocery Shopping List UK #23

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2 Tesco Sweetheart Cabbage Each Β£0.79 Β£1.58
2 Tesco Celeriac Loose Β£1.40 Β£2.28
1 Tesco Babycorn And Mangetout 175G Β£1.65 Β£1.65
4 Tesco British Double Cream 600Ml Β£2.00 Β£8.00
15 Tesco Lemon And Lime Zero 2 Litre Β£0.50 Β£7.50
3 Alpro Almond Roasted Unsweetened Longlife Milk Alternative 1 Litre Β£1.70 Β£5.10
2 Heck 6 97% Pork Sausages 400G Β£3.15 Β£6.30
2 Tesco Finest Chicken Stock 450Ml Β£1.50 Β£3.00
1 Tesco Family Pack Mushrooms 625G Β£1.85 Β£1.85
1 Willow Farms Chicken Mini Fillets 365G Β£1.77 Β£1.77
2 President Camembert Creme Cheese 135G Β£1.50 Β£3.00
6 Hartleys Ready To Eat Lemon Cheesecake Jelly 175G Β£0.75 Β£4.50
15 Stockwell And Co Sparkling Water 2 Litre Β£0.17 Β£2.55


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