The BEST Diet For Fat Loss (IF? Keto? Carb Cycling? Paleo?)

The BEST Diet For Fat Loss (IF? Keto? Carb Cycling? Paleo?)

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The BEST Diet For Fat Loss (IF? Keto? Carb Cycling? Paleo?)

There are so many fat loss diets out there, each claiming to speed up the fat burning process, whether by increasing certain fat loss hormones, reducing fat storing hormones, or controlling insulin.

Some cutting diets restrict certain macronutrients, like low-carb, ketogenic and low-fat diets. Some involve intermittent fasting, only eating during a portion of the day. Others space your carbohydrate intake out, like carb cycling or carb backloading. Some exclude certain foods and focus on others, like paleo and certain gluten-free diets.

These cutting diets have one major thing in common: they’re all forms of caloric control. They all involve a strategy that potentially allows the dieter to more easily maintain a calorie deficit.

Bottom line, losing fat and getting lean primarily come down to burning more calories than you consume. There are an endless number of ways that people can go about this successfully, but the calorie deficit is the common denominator in all of them.

You can cut out certain foods, you can space your calories and macronutrients out, you can eat as healthy as you want, but if you aren’t mindful of your total net energy intake versus your total net energy expenditure, then none of it is going to make a difference to your fat loss results.

Know what your daily calorie needs are for fat loss and then lay out your foods and meals in whatever way is most enjoyable for you and enables you hit to that calorie target in the most accurate and effortless way possible.

If you’re weight training consistently, eating enough protein and remaining in a moderate calorie deficit, you’ll lose fat and maintain or possibly even gain muscle at the same time regardless of the type of diet you’re following. There’s no single macronutrient or food group that’s going to cause you to magically pile on fat as long as you account for the total calories.

Everyone is different in terms of their food preferences, how they like to arrange their meals for the day and the effects that their eating has on their energy levels and appetite, so different fat loss diets will be more effective for different people.

There is no single best diet for losing fat. But if you don’t enjoy what you eat, you’ll probably end up burning out and quitting your diet. So the best diet for fat loss for you is going to be whichever one you can stick to that enables you to maintain a net calorie deficit while meeting your macronutrient and micronutrient needs.

Remember that getting lean and being in great shape isn’t a temporary fix. It’s an ongoing way of life. If the cutting diet that you’re following right now isn’t one that you’d want to continue with for the long term and you can’t see yourself eating that way for months or even years, then something has to change.

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