The Magic Pill Debunked | Keto Netflix Documentary

The Magic Pill Debunked | Keto Netflix Documentary

A science-based response to the recently released keto documentary that will have you thinking that high meat keto diets cure everything.
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My Cookbook:
TIY Tiny House Channel:

My Original Keto Video:

My Noakes Vid:

My Cholesterol Vid:

Legumes Survival Predictor Study:

Bone Broth Lead:

Paleo Mom’s List of Adverse Effects:

Kidney stones children keto study:

Normal kidney stone rate study:

Acute Pancreatitis keto child death study:

“cardiomyopathy…normalized when the diet was discontinued”

Raised LDL Healthline:

Keto Diet Theoretical Study on Cancer:

Keto Cancer Blood Sugar Case Study of 2 people:

Plant-based Diet Slowed Cancer Growth by 8 times:

2 Week on Plant-based diet cancer killing increased study:

Barnard Study fasting serum glucose concentration dropped 28%.”

Vegans 78% lower total risk of diabetes:

NIH Study – Keto group had less fat loss:

BROAD Study Whole food vegan weight loss:

Over 90% of fat stored is from fat eaten reference:

Okinawan Study:

Neanderthals Eating Pre-Wheat 30K years ago:

100,000 years ago humans eating grains:

Starches built our brain study:

Breakdown of meat consumption by animal chart:

27% of US land used for grazing:

Nina Teicholz Article Politico:


Nina BMJ Article Response by CSPI:

Graph of 40 Countries, Sat fat, and cardio death: French Paradox Segment:

Sat fat causes CVD: “The relationships are accepted as causal.”

Low carb diets impair artery function.

Low carb diets clog arteries:

Corn: 15 million calories per acre!!

1.75 cows acres per cow (lbs meat from NPR article)

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