The Paleo Diet – An Ayurvedic Review –Course Intro

The Paleo Diet – An Ayurvedic Review –Course Intro

Ayurvedic Review: The Paleo Diet
What does Ayurveda Say About the Paleo Diet?

Look at the Paleo Diet From the Perspective of Ayurveda, and Find Out How to Adopt It and Adapt It for Long-term Optimum Health.

Are you wondering if the Paleo diet is for you? You don’t want to start a diet that will create havoc in your body instead of improving your health. Find out if the Paleo diet is compatible with your body type and learn to modify it with Ayurvedic principles to bring you the best results.

Course description:
Here is what you will learn in the Paleo Diet Review Course:
1. Determine your Ayurvedic body type
2. Identify foods that are good for your body type
3. Learn the principles of the Paleo diet and its benefits
4. Review the Paleo diet from the perspective of Ayurveda
5. Adapt the Paleo diet to your body type
6. Improve the Paleo diet with Ayurvedic principles to make it more balancing
7. Neutralize anti-nutrients with Ayurvedic tips
8. Harness the power of spices to improve your digestion

What’s included:
32 HD on-demand video lessons
Infographic of top 10 Paleovedic foods
Downloadable PDF charts

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