Top 5 Benefits of Eating Paleo – The CAVEMAN Diet

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Paleo – The CAVEMAN Diet

*There is absolutely no shortage of diets out there all promoting why each one is THE BEST! But what about the Paleo Diet? Is it any good? Watch to learn more!*

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So how many diets do you think exist? It’s infinite really because it seems that new ones are surfacing every single day and each one is better than the one before it. I suppose the good news in all of this is that no matter what health issues, food sensitivities/ allergies, concerns you have there is likely a diet out there that will claim to accommodate every single, specific need that you require in a diet plan!

Well here is some truth about all things diet related . . . all diets work and all diets DON’T work! But don’t lose hope; but you do need to GET REAL!

Look, your diet is everything you eat so if you live on a consistent meal plan of bacon double cheeseburgers, that is your diet. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, keto, whole30 . . . however your day is structured can be labelled in order to give those of us seeking DIETARY CERTAINTY a feeling of calm. But is all this working for us?

In my humble opinion I hate the word diet! It just conjures up too many psychological attachments completely unrelated to health and wellness. I prefer to take a step back and ask, “What is the eating plan that leaves you feeling GREAT?! What eating plan gives you enough energy to meet the physical & mental demands of your day, allows you to enjoy QUALITY rest each night & doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or miserable?!”

It really is that simple! And what works for one person does not work for EVERY person. You need to be realistic about what IS WORKING for you.

So the PALEO DIET? What is it?Well, essentially it focuses on meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits, veggies and healthy fats. So basically HEALTHY FOODS! Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for some magic formula, lol!

And what are the benefits that this diet claims?

1. More likely to eat CLEAN
2. Anti-inflammatory Benefits of Plants, Oils, Nuts & Seeds
3. Increased Satiety
4. Weight Loss – Influenced by Limited Food Choices

My personal claim is this, and it’s the one I make regardless of what diet or eating plan you choose as your LIFESTYLE . . . if you like eating these foods, if you feel satisfied, if you are getting the results you want from eating this way and you are able to STICK to this way of eating and SUSTAIN it, then it is more than likely a great choice for you.

Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions for Coach Tonya please post them below and be sure to click on that notification button to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our SPECTACULAR content! Be well . . . be healthy . . . be happy!

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