Vegan Vs Carnivore Blood Test Comparison – Who Will Live Longer?

Vegan Vs  Carnivore Blood Test Comparison – Who Will Live Longer?

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Vegan Vs Carnivore Blood Test Comparison – Who Will Live Longer?
The vegan or the vegan?

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Left is shawn baker and on the right side is a youtuber called happy healthy vegan, both about 50 years old.
In this video I’ll explain you the differences of the two blood tests and which one is truly healthier.

For those that don’t know why they should listen to me :
I’m certified in plant-based nutrition and fitness training.
I’ve transitioned from a heavy meat eating diet to a vegan diet since 3+ years, plus I manage a fitness center with 1000+ members.

In this video I’ll explain you the differences of the two dietary styles and how it can impact your blood work.

A lot of people think that the vegan diet simply can not be healthy.
One part of being healthy is feeling healthy. How you feel during the day.
Another part is having healthy blood work.

Our blood work is important as it can give us insights into how our body is truly performing.
Because our brain is like a king in a castle, far away from a village that it governs.
Only key messengers can enter the castle, only few substances or neurotransmitters can enter the blood-brain barrier.

Which means there are silent diseases, which can leave you terminally ill within weeks.
But are getting built up months and even years before and could be detected by a proper blood test.

Let’s compare the results of Shawn Baker and Ryan from Happy Healthy Vegan:
Fasting glucose – while Shawn Baker has a fasting glucose of 127 mg/dl , happy healthy vegan got a fasting glucose of 85.
This is extremely fascinating, as shawn baker has little to no carbs in his diet.
But what few people don’t know is that animal fat can clog the entrance to the cells, for glucose, which is the main fuel for cells in the first place.
Fasting glucose is not healthy, because it can indicate that our cells are not getting fed properly.
A fasting glucose of over 125 is considered diabetic.
Doesn’t look good for our meat boy.

Hemoglobin A1c – even the A1c levels put Shawn Baker on the pre-diabetic scale.
The Hemoglobin – A1C is the percentage of the glucose carrier that every hemoglobin molecule takes with them.
The higher the percentage, the more glucose seems to be in your blood stream.

Again, also an indicator how well your body uses the fuel it has on it’s hand.
This is a long-term measure, as it reflects glucose levels over the last 2-3 months, compared to fasting glucose which is changed pretty rapidly.
But again, Shawn is barely scraping by.
While happy healthy vegan has A1c levels completely healthy.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) – Again, mr. baker is getting far through the roof. 29 mg per dl.
This may indicate that shawn is simply eating a lot of protein.
But it also can be traced back to impaired kidney functions. So high blood urea nitrogen levels are truly not optimal.
Mr. vegan has 11mg per dl, again in the healthy range.

Total Cholesterol – 205mg/dl for the carnivore guy, 195mg/dl for the vegan guy.
Again pretty fascinating, surprisingly this this time not because of shawn.
Because high cholesterol was basically expected in his case.
But the vegan guy, as he had way more total cholesterol than expected.
Ryan’s explanation is that he ate vegan Ben Jerrys days before.
Sounds about right.

Total Testosterone – Now this is where it gets really exciting.
The manly carnivore guy has a total testosterone of 237 nanograms per dl.
This is so low, that he would be deficient even for a 100 year old guy.
This is so low, that he should start hormone replacement therapy yesterday.
This is so low, that he should ask for a ballsack prosthesis, because his own badboys are clearly not functioning.

Vitamin D – Again, a pretty interesting finding.
The doctor got base Vitamin D levels of 30, which is lower than the vegan, which apparently isn’t supplementing with Vitamin D.
I still recommend supplementing this supplementthough.

While Shawn Baker can talk and talk and talk. Numbers don’t lie.
Blood tests don’t lie.
These findings are important because our nutritional choices can impact our physical health drastically.
Overall I must conclude that Shawn Baker is probably pretty close to getting diabetes or scurvy in the near future.
Not because I’m biased in my nutritional education and experience, but because of the numbers of the blood test in black and white.

Music by CHUKI Beats:
The gym in the video:

Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

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