VEGANISM: Vegetable Police Is The Protagonist?

VEGANISM: Vegetable Police Is The Protagonist?

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VEGANISM: Vegetable Police Is The Protagonist?

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Vegetable Police just recently revealed the results of his blood test on a carnivore diet.

I think we’ve reached a point where Vegetable Police is actually doing us a public service.

Someone essentially wrote: “He’s dying a little so we don’t have to.” Naturally, I don’t wish Vegetable Police to be dying, but you have to admit that he’s doing crazy experiments which are basically flawed from the get go.

Or is he?

Maybe Kasey, that is his real name btw, is actually the guy that pulls all the strings behind the scenes. The guy that fools everyone.
Here is a glimpse to the three points that we can learn from him – and sometimes it’s how not to do certain things.

1. Zero F mentality
Vegetable Police has literally the zero F mentality ingrained in everything he does. He becomes carnivore and annoys all the vegans. He drops carnivore and annoys all the carnivores. And on top of all that behavior he never tries to sugarcoat stuff:
“So I’ve been on the I’m dumber than a caveman diet for 11 months now.”

Vegetable Police seems so brutally honest that it’s actually funny.
Other Youtubers give hour long explanations on why they’re no longer vegan or carnivore, or vegan TM. Yet vegetable police, for some reasons, simply gives zero Fs.
Personally I think that no one, literally no one that I know or watch on Youtube, gives zero Fs. Yeah, some people might say that they do, but in the end these guys are the ones that care the most. Yet vegetable police is such a crazy scientist on himself, that he might be the exception.

Now is this something praiseworthy? Well you tell me.
My advice is that you shouldn’t try to do it. A life of zero Fs is usually quite empty, because if you care about nothing, you naturally have nothing to live for.
My suggestions is to wisely manage your Fs. Care about the points that are actually relevant and disregard the rests. And the points that you do care about, you can choose yourself.
Your health matters, yes. The opinion of your never do well neighbor who drinks 3 beers at 9am on a Monday doesn’t.
Vegetable Police tops the charts on the zero F, yet he seems to care about one thing:

2. Youtube
You remember what I said in the Kurzgesagt breakdown video?
“That’s why most youtubers stress moderation.”
I need to clarify this. NO, most youtubers do not stress moderation. But usually the youtubers that have a decent business behind their youtube channel do.
For those that don’t run a business, controversy is usually pretty freaking good. Dislikes are actually good for the algorithm and people that get annoyed with your stuff also spend long time writing comments or even sharing that video. Youtube likes this and promotes your video.

For those that do run a very big business, things like smoking a blunt on the Joe Rogan podcast can get you in severe trouble.
VP’s zero F mentality gives him the ability to use Youtube to his favor. And he does so pretty well. His channel is growing at over 100 subscribers per day and he gets over 1million views per month. This is easily 3’000 dollars of income from youtube alone and made him survive easily in Thailand.
In marketing, generally where eye balls go, money flows. That’s why I don’t think that Kasey is stupid and neither is Donald Trump. Bad behavior is sometimes good politics, on youtube and well, in politics.

I think vegetable police has mastered youtube for his cause and is continuing to do so. The uproar that he creates by going vegan and carnivore is so much free publicity that his channel that a switch in his diet might actually be considered a marketing practice.
The combination of number 1 and number 2 leads to my number 3 hypothesis.

3. Vegetable Police Is The Vegan Protagonist
If we combine reason number 1 and reason number 2, there’s a chance that Vegetable Police was pushing veganism all along during his carnivore journey. But just in a very wicked way.

Maybe VP knew from the get-go, that the Carnivore diet may be extremely bad for his health. And maybe, just maybe, he used that knowledge to his advantage when it comes to Youtube and advancing the cause of veganism. Maybe Kasey cares about veganism more than about his health and public opinion.
This might also be the reason why he’s never changed his name.
Even if vegetable police isn’t doing all of this deliberately, I think his honesty helped veganism nonetheless.

Do I think Vegetable Police will be fully vegan again in the future? I actually doubt it, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

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Thank you for your time and thank you for your trust. I hope you have a great day. 🙂

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