Venison Sausage Recipe | Free & Easy Paleo Cooking Recipe | The Paleo Recipe Book

Venison Sausage Recipe | Free & Easy Paleo Cooking Recipe | The Paleo Recipe Book

Venison Sausage Recipe’s & More:

For our first video in The Caveman Chef Series. We are preparing a Venison Sausage Recipe for you! This is so easy to make that we were able to edit the film to well under 2 minutes. All that you really need to know is we unfortunately ran out of salad so had to use spinach instead (still tastes great!), maybe even try both. It’s good to experiment 🙂
This is a real easy fun recipe to make for 1 or 2 people! Taking only about 20 minutes. You’ll be enjoying your delicious paleo cooking in no time. This venison sausage recipe was influence by many of the 370+ paleo cooking recipes in The Paleo Recipe Book! And of course just one of the many fantastic recipes with sausage. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more free paleo cooking videos!

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Recipe: Serves 2

4 Venison Sausages
5/6 Pieces of bacon
A bunch of cherry tomatoes – about two handfuls (We used normal tomatoes in the video)
About 2 handfuls of Red Leaf Lettuce (We only had Spinach for the video)
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil/coconut oil

Simmer balsamic vinegar for 5 mins then let it cool to make a reduction
Fry off the sausages, grill the bacon and let them cool, as you wait, chop your tomatoes and prepare your lettuce
When they’re cooled chop them, and fry off the bacon first.
Add the sausages to warm them through
Throw in the tomatoes, then the lettuce at the very end
Add the reduction and enjoy!

Song used – US Army Blues – Kelli’s Number

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