Weight Loss Bundle for Men and Women: Paleo for Beginners + DASH Diet Box Set Audiobook

Weight Loss Bundle for Men and Women: Paleo for Beginners + DASH Diet Box Set Audiobook

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This two-book weight-loss bundle consists of the following two titles:

Paleo for Beginners with Delicious Paleo Recipes: The Essentials on How to Begin Your Paleo Diet Lifestyle
DASH Diet Beginner’s Guide and Quick Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Turn Your Life Around, End Hypertension and Lose Weight Simultaneously

This book is a comprehensive guide for beginners who are interested in learning about and trying out the paleo diet for themselves. With all the information out there on the Internet, you can be assured that within this book is the vast amount of information that you need is among the most up-to-date and informative in all aspects of the paleo diet to get you started eating like a pro! Be prepared to welcome a new version of yourself to family and friends.
In this book, some of the things you will learn about include:

How the paleo diet became to be and why it is so widely popular today
The incredible benefits of eating like your paleolithic ancestors
Steps, tips and tricks to get you started on your personalized paleo diet
How to stick to your diet and not ever give up on yourself
Delicious recipes to keep you equipped with paleo meals at all times
And much, much more….

So do yourself this favor, and see what the paleo diet is all about!
DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and that is exactly what this diet is designed to do. It is universally known as arguably the healthiest diet, and ultimately lifestyle, that anyone can do. Not to mention, almost everyone who has just experimented with this diet has experienced significant weight loss, so that is a huge added benefit!
Many Americans are suffering from high blood pressure. This guidebook talks about the DASH diet and why it is such a great and natural method to lower your blood pressure through the foods that you eat.

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