What is Paleo Diet Plan? – 3 Secret Tips and Resources

What is Paleo Diet Plan? – 3 Secret Tips and Resources

What is Paleo:

Many people are asking me the age-old question, what is paleo? So today, I’m going to go over this in detail. This will be a tutorial.

For starters, several people across the world are seeing that the Paleo diet plan demonstrates the most effective way to lose weight. You face less pain, and are more energetic throughout the day due to the healthy foods you are consistently eating. The good thing about the Paleo diet plan is that even scientists don’t deny its results.

A paleo diet plan consists of fruits and vegetables, nuts and oils, lean proteins, and water. Eating fruits and vegetables keep us feeling satisfied and full through its fiber. Along with being rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables have plenty antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Such components are necessary, especially to reduce the chance of receiving diseases. Proteins assist with keeping our bones strong and building lean muscle.

Back in the Stone Age, cavemen are perceived to be ruthless and strong beings due to the meat they ate. Although cavemen did eat meat, they didn’t have as much meat as we would have assumed. We also must understand, that humans are basically the only species that are omnivores. We get the best of both worlds.

Another point that is made with the question, what is paleo, is that cavemen didn’t necessarily experience a lot of the diseases that we face today. Such diseases would be cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, etc. This is because about 10,000 years ago we were exposed to industrial foods. This is when agriculture took it up a notch, and processed foods were introduced. Another claim from evolutionary scientists is that the question, what is paleo, is clearly defined when you look at the fact that humans haven’t had as much time to clearly adapt to the chemicals or preservatives in modern-day food. Humans have been eating foods that are whole since 300,000 years ago. To really cut the effects of modern-day food, it would be more beneficial to analyze over a longer period of time, rather than simply 10,000 years.

We need to eat food that are full of nutrients and provide nourishment. People that are on the Paleo diet plan generally have much better and healthier body compositions than others that may not be.

Here’s a cool girl you can follow and her journey with Paleo:

Here’s what you should or shouldn’t eat in case you browsed through the video:

-Fruits and vegetables
-Nuts and oils
-Eggs and lean meat
-Processed food (in general)
-Dairy foods
-Sugary Products
-Salty Products

If there’s anything you can take away from this video and piece is that when someone says what is paleo, you can tell them it’s not what they think. Paleo diet plan does not consist of super low carb foods. In addition, it definitely doesn’t consist of large amounts of meat or animal fats. Meats are definitely included in the diet, but so are carbs through the fruits and vegetables.

Remember the best way to define paleo diet plan or even answer the question so many ask: what is paleo, is to say stay away from foods that are processed and avoid anything that a cavemen wouldn’t have access to. Remember, cavemen didn’t know milking cows is possible.

If you enjoyed this information, be sure to click the resource I provided above for further information! The Wikipedia page covers a lot of good details too.

Good luck.

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